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Paper Coffee Cups

Most people don't spend too much time thinking about their paper coffee cups, but it can have an impact on the customer's perception of your business. Cups that are flimsy or don't have proper fitting lids are prone to spillage - that near-boiling hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate you just handed them ends up all over their hands, or worse on their lap and clothing. Investing in proper cups ensures your customers don't burn themselves, limiting you from liability and keeping them coming back.

You don't want to overpay for your cups either, that's why we're glad to help you with picking and sourcing wholesale paper coffee cups that work for you.

Coffee Sleeves

Aside from keeping the coffee warmer for longer, having an insulated sleeve helps protect your customers hand from a drink that (should be) near boiling point. Most major coffee chains opt for the sleeve approach - those customers who want one are free to pick it up from a pile, and those who don't need one simply don't take one. More of a cost-saving measure than focusing on what's best for the customer, most consumers are used to this approach.

An alternative is to use double-walled or insulated coffee cups. These don't require a sleeve - saving you some expense, but at a higher cost per cup (sometimes twice as much).

Double-Wall Coffee Cups

These specially-insulated cups are often available in a number of different designs, which improves the perception of the business. Double-walled coffee cups keeps the drink warmer for longer, which is key in enjoying the quality of the coffee. The outer surface of the cup is always comfortable to hold, eliminating the need for sleeves or double-cupping.

Ripple Paper Cups

Ripple paper cups are made using kraft (crimped) paper with a triple-wall design. This keeps the coffee hot and fresh, as well as adding a textile experience to the cup of coffee. Marketing and advertising studies have shown that involving as many of the senses as possible helps to create a memorable experience - add the sense of touch to your cups to go along with the aromatic smell and warming taste.

Cup Designs

There are a number of different "standard" cup designs on the market - from the all-white or brown, to those with some leafy green designs. While they may look nice if they mesh with your cafe's design, there are so many other cafes using them that they don't help in any way to identify your cafe.

Custom Printed Cups

Custom printing is available to all of our customers with relatively low minimum orders. Having your logo on your coffee cups isn't only a branding exercise - it's having your customer do your marketing for you. Whether they're simply walking down the street, or have it sitting on the desk in their office, it's a chance for everyone they come in contact with to learn about your business.

Typical bulk paper coffee cup minimums for custom-printing is in the 30-case (of 1000) range.

Types of Paper Cups

Paper cups need to be lined with a material to make them waterproof, this material needs to be able to withstand both boiling temperatures as well as freezing ones (in the case of iced-drinks). The majority of cups are either lined with plastic (polyethylene) or have a wax coating, both on the inside and outside of the cup.

Cold Drink Cups

Cold drinks are often best served in clear plastic cups, which allows the customer to see the drink (including the ice). Cold paper cups do exist however, and are typically larger in size than the hot coffee cups to accommodate the ice, which adds to the volume of the drink.

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